Dear Vueling, Love Passengers Instead Of Places

There are good airlines, and there are some that could work harder for their passengers. Unfortunately, Vueling falls among the latter ones. In 2018, 2883 flights by the Spanish carrier were cancelled and 1069 – late to arrive to their destination for more than 3 hours, affecting over 592.800 passengers. And it all adds up to one shocking number – 225.264.000. That’s the amount in euros that Vueling owes its passengers and we’re here to do something about it.

2618 Vueling passengers, affected by delays or cancellations, came to Skycop for help and, at the moment, we’re working with 752.000 euros in compensation amount. We wanted to share a story of one of our customers, that shows how little Vueling respected their plans.

On 4th of September Beatriz Vargas was supposed to fly off to a friend’s wedding when in late August Vueling, the carrier, cancelled the flight and rebooked Beatriz for a departure on 18th of september – two weeks later than planned!

In searching for a suitable solution, the company was less than helpful. Beatriz contacted them, asking to change the destination airport for a possibility to reach the wedding on time. Unfortunately, Vueling did not agree to passenger’s suggestion and she has been dealing with them since.

Beatriz reached out to Skycop for professional help with the claiming process for the ruined trip.

Skycop has been tirelessly working towards getting compensations from Vueling, but now it’s time to take this fight to next, slightly more public level. We are starting a complex campaign in Barcelona, Spain, that will attract the attention of the airline.

The campaign is called YOU DON’T LOVE CUSTOMERS and will be seen online, in 95 locations in Barcelona’s metro stations and on 55 taxies (route airport – city center – airport) from the 26th of February to the 5th of March.

Recently, Vueling shared their plans to invest 70 million towards improving their customer experience. Skycop believes, that the best way to improve the passenger experience and their image at the same time is to invest in repaying what they already owe. 70 million is a third of their obligations for 2018, but it would be a start.

If you were one of thousands of affected Vueling travelers, if you have not yet tried to claim you flight compensation or if the airline is ignoring you, you can always reach out to us and entrust your fight to Skycop.

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