JetPack Aviation launches flying motorcycles pre-order

There is a new promise that flying means of transport might be coming closer to everyday use. California-based company called Jetpack Aviation has launched pre-orders of what it calls “the world’s first flying motorcycle”.

On March 5, 2019, JetPack Aviation has launched pre-orders of its vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle called the Speeder. The futuristic machine is currently being flight tested.

Once  (and if) the aircraft is offered to the market, it will be able to fly at a speed of approximately 150 mph, 15,000 ft altitude for 10-22 minutes, depending on pilot weight and density altitude.

However, as stressed out in the pre-order agreement, the product is still is under development, and the company agrees it does not know if manufacturing will actually commence.

While Jetpack claims it is the world’s first flying motorcycle, it still has yet to make it… well,  a reality. And even then, with dozens of VTOL projects ranging from personal jetpacks to flying cars currently at different development stages, the pompous title appears to based more on phrasing rather than achievement.

This is because other similar projects tend to brand their inventions as bikes rather than motorcycles. Take, for instance, S3 2019 Hoverbike by Hoversurf. You might have already heard about it, as this is the one VTOL Dubai police has already started training to fly in November 2018, with hopes to have them in action by 2020.

Another flying bike, Apollo JetBike, has even been placed on auction on Ebay and seemingly sold for $105,600 in September 2018. The manufacturing company, Apollo Flight Labs, claims the vehicle is “in ready-to-fly condition. All PBS engines provided are tested and ready to fly”. However, the company also warns the machine has “the serious potential to cause massive bodily harm or death” and the successful bidder would be required to sign documentation releasing the company from all liability.

One more daring inventor, the French Ludovic Lazareth, presented his own flying bike to the public on January 31, 2019. His creation, the LMV 496, was supposed to carry out its first flight with a pilot during the event that attracted 500 people. So far flight tests had only made using weights. However, humidity interfered with the turbines designed by the German company JetCat. But the inventor did not lose his enthusiasm. “This is the beginning of a new era ” he said to Le Dauphiné, adding “this machine gives us an idea of ​​what could be the vehicles of the future.” Another attempt should be made in the coming months.

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