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Tesla Electric Airplane by Elon Musk: What Would It Be?

Elon Musk is one of the most famous people in the world. He got into the lists with the most powerful as well as the richest individuals on more than one occasion, and even those not interested in tec...

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JetPack Aviation launches flying motorcycles pre-order

There is a new promise that flying means of transport might be coming closer to everyday use. California-based company called Jetpack Aviation has launched pre-orders of what it calls “the world’s first flying motorcycle”. ...

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Black Boxes: Why airplanes still manage to disappear?

Accidents such as Air France Flight 447 and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have reminded on just how vital flight recorders, better known as aircraft black boxes, are for accident investigation and improving aviation safety… if you can find them first. So now, companies are introducing solutions....

AIR Convention

Humans need not apply: robots are taking over airports

Just a decade back a fully automated airport with no staff seemed something out of a science fiction movie. Today it is a reality. From Glasgow Airport’s trial with GLAdys, Shenzhen Airport’s oper...

Boeing, Robotic Skies to work on enhanced commercial UAS services
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Boeing, Robotic Skies to work on enhanced commercial UAS services

Boeing and subsidiaries Jeppesen and Aviall have joined with Robotic Skies to develop  industry-leading supply chain management and optimization, analytics, and MRO services for the commercial and civil UAS markets....

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Opinion: how to build a plane that never needs to land

The launch of the Zephyr aircraft by Airbus could mark the start of a new era of continuous flight. What made this possible was a series of breakthroughs in lightweight materials, solar power and batteries, and autonomous navigation. These advances have come together to create planes that can fly day and night without intervention, potentially for months at a time....