Airport fog-busting technology wins government backing in New Zealand

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Pyper Vision, a New Zealand-based startup, has received government backing for the development of a new innovative method to clear fog across local airports. 

On April 3, 2022, Christchurch-based company Pyper Vision announced it won New Zealand’s government backing for its latest project in which the startup is developing a specific spray that can absorb moisture from the air to clean fog. The technology is specifically designed for use at airports, preventing disruption to commercial operations on foggy days.  

According to the Research, Science, and Innovation Minister of New Zealand, Megan Woods, the Government’s Airspace Integration Trials Programme will support the adoption of new aviation technology safely into the existing system. 

“Pyper Vision is developing a solution that disperses a safe water-absorbing environmentally-friendly product via drone that soaks up moisture in the air and clears runway fog so that pilots and air traffic controllers can operate safely. It’s a simple idea that could solve a multi-billion dollar problem. A critical area of the sky can be cleared in as little as 10 minutes,“ Megan Woods was cited as saying. 

“We all know what it’s like as a passenger flying in and out of New Zealand airports experiencing flight delays caused by heavy fog. As well as being frustrating, there are large costs for exporters, airlines, and airports as well as significant carbon emissions from diverted flights,” Woods added. 

The absorbent used by the company meets drinking water standards and is already approved for use by the Environmental Protection Authority of New Zealand. 

So far, the new technology has already carried out more than 200 tests both in New Zealand and Australia. 


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