WOW Air collapses, passengers left stranded

Nicky Boogaard

After going through months of financial difficulty, the low-cost Icelandic airline WOW Air eventually announced on March 28, 2019, that it would cease operations.

WOW Air, which carries more than a third of travelers in Iceland, failed to find the €36 million it needed for a recovery. The airline published a travel alert on its website announcing the cancellation of all flights.

Icelandair is already working on a plan to “assist” stranded passengers. “We are currently working on a plan in order to assist stranded passengers in need of assistance to return home,” a statement by the Iceland’s national carrier reads. “It is expected to be ready in the next couple of hours”.

Three days after losing hope to see Indigo Partners invests, WOW Air and its competitor Icelandair had jointly announced on March 24, 2019, that the negotiations for a recovery agreement between the two were aborted.

On March 26, 2019, suspicions of WOW Air fleet being grounded were reported.

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