Top 10 Aviation YouTube Channels For Aviation Enthusiasts

Top 10 YouTube Channels For Aviation Enthusiasts

  We all have those moments when we are thirsty for knowledge about our favorite subject, yet we do not know where to look for. With the internet being a massive cloud of information, sometimes it is just too easy to get lost in it. That is why we would like to present you with the Top 10 Aviation YouTube Channel that are just too good!

1. Mustard

While the channel is only been around for a year, the exceptional quality of the videos has been there from day 1. Setting the bar of quality quite high, the two creators of the aviation YouTube channel keep rising it everytime they release a new video. The exceptional 3D renders coupled with brilliant pieces of information about various topics in aviation make for an amazing cocktail!

2. Wendover Productions

Though you can see various other topics covered, aviation is very prominent on the channel. The videos, usually lasting around 10 minutes provide very interesting details on various processes in aviation. Besides, why not get informed on other topics? It certainly won‘t hurt!

3. Real Engineering

Real Engineering is a channel aimed at explaining the engineering side of the world. Admittedly, that might sound a bit too complex, but trust us – it isn‘t! Everything is explained in an easily understandable way while still providing fun and interesting facts about aviation.

4. Cloudsurfing

A fun aviation YouTube channel that focuses mostly on providing a view from the flight deck. You can see what the pilots see when they cross oceans and continents alike. And yet, the videos aren‘t too long – that means if you have only a few free minutes available to you, this aviation youtube channel can be the best way to spend those minutes!

5. Aviation World

An aviation youtube channel that provides you a chance to see various points of landings and take-offs. With different views from the cockpit and wings, Aviation World includes both real-world flights and flights from FSX – a video game centered around aviation.

6. Captain Joe

If you‘ve ever wondered how does the daily life of a pilot look like, Captain Joe provides you with an opportunity to do so! This aviation youtube channel not only looks at such things as flight delays, holding patterns and various other things but also digs deeper into daily life as a pilot.

7. Classic Airliners & Vintage Pop Culture

I am sure you‘ve already noticed we geek out over various aviation history facts and stories, such as the one about Concorde. As a result, this aviation youtube channel is like heaven for us – it is filled with old-school promotional films, tests, take-offs and landings. In addition, you can see various airlines that do not exist anymore – PSA, Eastern and Pan Am.

8. Cargospotter

Aircraft spotting is arguably an art form in itself – the details you have to nail when taking a picture are very delicate and require a lot of precision. This aviation youtube channel takes it to another level – taking high-quality videos of planes in airports. Thus, the high-quality videos and various interesting events at an airport runway provides a lot of entertainment!

9. DutchPilotGirl

In an industry that is arguably dominated by men, DutchPilotGirl is paving the way for girls all around the world to realize their dreams and soar through the skies! She makes detailed videos explaining various aviation operations. In addition, you can see videos on how can You kick-start your career as a pilot.

10. FlightChops

Get an insider look inside the life of a private pilot. FlightChops lets you see POV and the audio of a flight. Furthermore, reminding us that private aviation pilots have a lot of fun as well!

While we‘re sure there are many more amazing aviation Youtubers, but these were our picks. How does your top 10 look like?

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