Valius Venckunas

Can you recognize aircraft by their shapes?

For an untrained eye, all airplanes look the same. A couple of wings, some engines, a fuselage, or two. But for an enthusiast, there is a world of difference between various models and variations, even the minutest feature reflecting itself in the outward appearance of the aircraft. Can you spot those differences? Can you identify a plane just by a blank cutout of its shape?...

Rytis Beresnevicius

Top 10 Aviation YouTube Channels For Aviation Enthusiasts

Top 10 YouTube Channels For Aviation Enthusiasts   We all have those moments when we are thirsty for knowledge about our favorite subject, yet we do not know where to look for. With the internet being a massive cloud of information, sometimes it is just too easy to get lost in it. That is why we would like to present you with the Top 10 Aviation YouTube Channel that are just too good! 1. Mustard While the channel is only been around for a...