Tesla Electric Airplane by Elon Musk: What Would It Be?

Elon Musk is one of the most famous people in the world. He got into the lists with the most powerful as well as the richest individuals on more than one occasion, and even those not interested in technology has heard of him at least once. Such resounding success means that this man is perfectly capable of changing our lives even more than he already has.

Musk controls Tesla and SpaceX, two extremely popular innovative companies, and he clearly doesn’t intend to stop there. Recently, he has voiced an idea of creating the electric plane, and while this thought could be seen as crazy if it came from anyone else, Musk is definitely among those few people capable of seeing the whole endeavor through. His previous inventions speak for themselves, which gives credibility to his idea and creates new unique opportunities for us all.


The Model of Elon Musk Plane

The idea that Elon Musk presented is both simple and incredibly daring. It entails creating airplanes that would function with the help of batteries. For now, the fuel that is used for jets is undeniably stronger and has better density, but if batteries could be improved, huge amounts of energy would be saved. The reason for it is very simple: electric motors are considerably lighter in terms of their weight, and they have a better possibility to convert the energy and make the plane move more quickly and smoothly. It means that Musk’s theoretical aircraft would be built on the basis of Li-Ion batteries, but before it happens, they have to be enhanced from the technological perspective. Using them will make sense only in case they possess a 400 Wh/kg energy density, which will help them prevail over the usual kerosene.

In Musk’s mind, his plane would be capable of performing a vertical takeoff as well as landing despite the high speed with which all aircraft tend to move. It makes it fall into the VTOL model category. The new aircraft would also meet all universal guidelines, possibly replacing some other modes of transport we are currently using. As Musk puts it, the world already has almost everything it needs for making his idea come to life, the only thing that requires improvement is batteries.

How Possible Is The Idea of Such a Plane?

Despite having a clear idea of what Tesla aircraft is going to look like, Musk isn’t making any promises. As he himself admits, there are some technical difficulties with implementing this plan. Meeting international safety requirements is a complex task, so numerous talented engineers and researchers will be needed. The modern batteries still lack the required energy density, and without it, nothing will happen.

At the same time, Musk’s firms, Tesla and SpaceX, are already known for their innovativeness and unique solutions. If the experts from both of them collaborate, they could help Musk produce the first electric plane very soon. There is also the fact that Musk has already made outstanding achievements that could help in this process: all of them testify to his capability to start a new aircraft company.

  • He transformed the space industry

Musk’s company SpaceX has produced many stunning inventions. It manufactures well-developed and high-technology spacecraft as well as rockets that have been known to reach the orbit and land there. More than that, they can be reused, as seen in the example of Falcon 9. Musk is also responsible for the creation of the most powerful private rocket on the global level, which speaks volumes of his talent.

  • He revolutionized the way we travel

The name Tesla is already an indicator of high quality. It was the first firm to start the mass-market sales of electric cars to people and it offers advanced AutoPilot functions, among other beneficial services.

  • He boosted solar energy development

Musk is a chairman of SolarCity that helps the US government to implement the shift to solar energy. It merged with his Tesla back in 2016, but it keeps making progress and fulfilling the 2020 solar plan.

  • He is a creator of PayPal

Musk is a founder of PayPal, one of the most popular online payment systems in the world. It is available in most countries, letting people pay as well as receive payments quickly, easily, and safely.

These four examples demonstrate that Musk has been present in the development of every major technology-related innovation in the last few decades. He has a creative and talented mind and coupled with his ambitions, it’s easy to see how he might start one more company, this time in the sphere of electric aircrafts manufacture. There are some challenges holding him back, but looking at Musk’s history of achievements, it’s only logical to suggest that he is going to keep pleasantly surprising us.


Moving Forward with the Technology

Technologies continue their intense development on a daily basis, stretching to all possible areas, including education and traveling, and there are no doubts that Elon Musk plays a crucial role in this whole process. He has already brought many valuable transformations into the world, making our lives much easier, and it’s entirely possible that he’ll expand his focus to the airline industry. Tesla plane could become a reality, but the question is, will Musk be interested in realizing this brave and innovative idea? Even if he will be, it’s unlikely to happen in the next few years since the level of our technologies needs to be boosted a bit more. In any case, with Musk’s ambitions, the future is bound to get interesting, changing the way we travel in a dramatic fashion.


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