NATO Tiger Meet 2020 is cancelled

@NATO Tiger Association

Today, April 23th 2020, the NATO Tiger Association made the decision to cancel NATO Tiger Meet for 2020 due to the Covid-19 emergency.

NATO Tiger Meet (NTM) is a joint exercise organized annually by the NATO Tiger Association, which is the association of all “Tiger” squadrons of NATO’s Air Forces, created to promote solidarity between the air forces of the Atlantic Pact.

Every year, the NATO Tiger Meet takes place in turns between the various air bases that welcome the squadrons identified by the Crest “Tiger”, 24 are the squadrons that make up the NATO Tiger Association with 10 additional honorary members.

This year, the NTM2020 was organized by the 31 Esquadra of Portuguese Air Force “PoAF” at the Beja Air Base (Base Aérea Nº11 – BA11 Beja). Due to the commitments of all military resources in helping the populations during the current Covid-19 emergency, the NATO Tiger Association has preferred to postpone the appointment to the important annual exercise until next year, which will however take place in the same air base in Beja.


Swiss Air force F/A-18 “Hornet” – Squadron 11 “Tiger”

Italian Air Force Eurofighter EF2000A “Typhoon” 36-40 – 36 Stormo XII Gruppo
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