Top 5 Phenomenal Robots in the Aviation

Franck V.

Have you ever felt lost at the airport? Or desperately searched for an information desk? It is always important to quickly get the necessary information at busy, large, and especially foreign airports. In this case, intelligent robots save the day. They can not only work non-stop without getting tired but also interact with customers and provide essential information. With machine bodies and bright touchscreen eyes, these intelligent robots are ready to answer questions, guide travelers to the right departure gates, and present information about the airport. Take a look at six phenomenal robot examples that provide high-class customer service.

Humanoid robot lady Josie Pepper

In 2018, Munich Airport became the first airport in Germany to try out an AI-powered humanoid robot. Josie is equipped with a high-performance processor and WLAN internet access. These technologies create a connection to the main cloud service, where the speech is recognized, interpreted, and connected to the airport data. Josie Pepper is so unique because she can not just understand the language and deliver a pre-defined text, but also learn and answer questions individually. 120 centimetres tall robot lady welcomes airport customers in the non-public Terminal 2.

Look at the sky! It is a Robird

From summer 2017, Robird enters Canada’s Edmonton International Airport daily. This robotic falcon helps to avoid the hundreds of birds smacking into flying airplanes or getting sucked into their engines. The Robird flies flapping its wings the same as a real falcon flies. He can fly up to a maximum airspeed of 80 km/h. The Robird acts realistically and fools real birds that he is one of their main predators in the area. The Robird was produced at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

AnBot secures Shenzhen Airport 

AnBot is the first intelligent robot in China that is trained to carry out security checks. From 2016, AnBot started to work at the Shenzhen Airport.  This smart security robot has four high-definition digital cameras that run mobile face recognition processes. AnBot can take pictures and forward them to behind-the-scenes security stations for analysis. In this way, AnBot upholds civil aviation security. The robot is constructed with four abilities such as face recognition, intelligent service, autonomous patrol, and emergency response.

He is Spencer from Amsterdam

Spencer is an intelligent robot that interacts with customers and provides them the necessary information at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Spencer is an extraordinary robot because he can analyze social situations between people by scanning their facial and body expressions with sensors. The project of Spencer was initiated by KLM and funded by the EU. The main reason behind Spencer’s project is to develop a robot that guides transfer passengers and interactively responds to their movements and reactions in a busy airport terminal.

The hero of Seoul’s Incheon International Airport ‒ Troika 

Troika is an AI-based guide robot that helps lost or confused customers at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport, the largest and busiest airport in South Korea. Troika is designed as a high-tech robot, has a touchscreen face, where two glowing dots for eyes smile and blink in delight. Troika also has a bigger screen in front that shows any airport-related information. Troika becomes the saver of the day when travelers desperately search for departure gates or information desks. 

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