Otto Aviation unveils new fuel-efficient business jet Celera 500L

Otton Aviation unveiled a full-scale prototype for a new fuel-efficient passenger aircraft Celera 500L. If the manufacturer’s promise comes true, the aircraft will be one of the most environmentally friendly business jets ever produced. 

Otto Aviation unveiled the Celera 500L prototype, adding that the aircraft is well underway with 31 successful test flights under its belt. The jet can carry up to six adult passengers with a maximum cruise speed of 450 miles per hour and a range of over 4,500 miles. 

“Our goal was to create a private aircraft that would allow for direct flights between any city pair in the U.S. at speeds and cost comparable to commercial air travel,” said William Otto , the chairman and chief scientist of Otto Aviation, as cited in the company’s statement on August 26, 2020.

The company claims Celera 500L’s fuel consumption rate to be in a range of 18 to 25 miles per gallon, which would mean a “reduction in carbon emissions by over 80% compared to a similar business aircraft and by 40% compared to the latest commercial transport aircraft.”

According to the manufacturer, the aircraft’s particular design allows these performance numbers by utilizing laminar flow, wings and tail surfaces. Its unusual shape reduces drag, allowing the Celera to achieve superior aerodynamics, speed, and fuel efficiency.

Otto also says that Celera 500L’s flight prices would be “comparable” to commercial airfares, hoping to make private air travel more appealing to the general public. 

It seems that the Celera 500L was announced at a favorable time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many private jet companies have already reported an increased interest in business aviation during the crisis. At the same time, some analysts also predict that the business jet market will grow to $38 billion by 2030 from $18.8 billion in 2020 with a 7.3% yearly increase.


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