Japan Airlines backed by Tokyo government to study drones

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced to be partaking in a drone study aiming to explore the logistics of delivering pharmaceuticals, food and security services by 2022.

On August 31, 2020, JAL issued a joint statement with four other companies about conducting a drone study on behalf of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. 

The research intends to explore new business opportunities surrounding drone-based deliveries of pharmaceuticals to hospitals, food to offices and apartments, as well as drone security patrols.

Study participants hope that the joint effort would help them build the foundation of a drone-led business by utilizing smart drone platforms.

According to the statement, the idea behind the study spurred from recent events of COVID-19 and the lack of personnel regarding it.

“Due to the lack of delivery personnel and the impact of the global pandemic, the necessity to respond to changes in the logistics industry has become real and the use of drones may help realize automatic, contactless delivery services,” the statement reads.

The consortium of companies behind the research consists of the telecommunications operator KDDI, Japan Airlines, East Japan Railways, Weathernews, and Terra Drone Corporation.

Drone project testing is set to partake in Tokyo Bay and stations around the Metropolitan area. The study would receive financial support from the Metropolitan Assembly in FY2021 and would commence from August 2020 to March 2022.


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