Neste and Shell Aviation jump on the eco-fuel trend for jets

Neste and Shell Aviation signed a supply agreement for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The agreement would increase the availability and supply of SAF for the aviation industry starting from October 2020.

The deal among companies would bring together Neste’s proficiency in the production of renewable diesel and SAF together with Shell Aviation’s credentials in supplying and managing aircraft fuel worldwide, revealed Neste in a joint statement on September 23, 2020.

Anna Mascolo, the President of Shell Aviation, said that in order to reach the aviation industry’s zero-emission goal, the measures should be taken fast. 

“Shell Aviation aims to reduce the carbon intensity of the fuels we sell which includes selling more lower-carbon fuels like sustainable aviation fuel, over time,” said Mascolo.

“The agreement with Neste will help Shell Aviation customers to lower their emissions and demonstrates the kind of progress we can deliver by working in collaboration with others,” he added.

Thorsten Lange, the Executive Vice President for Renewable Aviation at Neste, explained that since SAF is a clean substitute for fossil aircraft fuels, it could potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% compared to fossil jet fuels.

„We are fully committed to supporting the aviation industry, its customers and corporates with their emission reduction targets,” said Lange.

According to Lange, SAF can be used as a drop-in fuel with existing aircraft engines and present airport infrastructure because no additional investment is required.

However, the companies have not revealed the price of their fuel yet, which could potentially be a make-or-break decision factory for airlines during the corona-crisis. 


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