Rostec assembles first experimental gas generator for future PD-8 engine


United Engine Corporation of Rostec assembled the first experimental gas generator for the future generation of Russian regional jet engine PD-8, Rostec announced on May 18, 2021. The engine will eventually power the Russian regional airliner SSJ-NEW.

The PD-8 design project has thus far included the development and manufacture of new assembly tooling, installing new sensors for monitoring the product during tests, and assembly and balancing adjustments of the gas generator rotor, according to the company. The next development stage consists of conducting bench tests and confirming the main design characteristics.

The first testing stage will consist of debugging the automatic control system, preparing the start-up, and specifying the main characteristics of various components.

The company expects to have the full-scale model of the gas generator ready for demonstration at the next MAKS airshow which is scheduled in July 2021.

 “Rostec continues creating its line of domestic engines for Russian passenger airliners of various classes. While working on the PD-8 for the short-haul SSJ-NEW, we are drawing from the experience of creating its “big brother”, the PD-14 engine for the MS-21 medium-haul liner. We have currently completed the assembly of the first experimental gas generator, the “heart” of the power plant, and we are about to start testing it. We will soon see a key project moment, the first start”, First Deputy CEO of Rostec Vladimir Artyakov is quoted in the company’s statement.

Read more about the upcoming SSJ-NEW and the real reason why it needs a Russian-made engine: 


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