Valius Venckunas

A320 flies without engine covers after crew forgets to latch them

On November 8, 2018, Vueling Airbus A320-200 (registered as EC-MDZ) took off from Bilbao, Spain (BIO). Right after the take-off, a warning message was received by the pilots, and one passenger notified a flight attendant that an engine seems to be missing a cover. Nevertheless, the flight continued as normal....

Pijus Jauniskis

Rolls-Royce to reduce civil operations, workforce down by 9,000

A £5.4 billion ($6 billion) loss prompted the engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce to consolidate its civil aerospace operations. Four thousand employees were already axed with 5,000 more to follow, while ITP Aero, a subsidiary Spanish aero engine and gas turbine manufacturer, is a target of potential disposal....

EASA issues repeated checks for Rolls-Royce Airbus A380 engines
Pijus Jauniskis

EASA issues repeated checks for Rolls-Royce Airbus A380 engines

EASA announced that repetitive on-wing inspections are now necessary for three variants of Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines, following previously identified cracks on their rotor shafts....

Iran Air Force Boeing 747-200
Gabriele Petrauskaite

Iran Air Force Boeing 747 suffers damage during test run

The Iranian Air Force Boeing 747-200B suffered significant damage during an engine test run at Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran. The aircraft was undergoing precise D checks for over a half of a decade before this test run....

vietnam airlines a321 aerotime news
AeroTime Team

Vietnam Airlines flaming A321 incident prompts FAA emergency AD

On March 18, 2020, Vietnam Airlines flight VN920 from Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) to Phnom Penh (Cambodia) had a short but flamboyant start. As the Airbus A321 aircraft was accelerating for takeoff, it suffered damage to the right engine, which in turn set the grass on fire next to the runway. ...

AeroTime Team

Air Canada Boeing 767 returns to Madrid amid engine scare

Air Canada Flight AC837 was scheduled to depart from Madrid (Spain) for Toronto (Canada) on February 3, 2020. But during the take-off, the Boeing 767 aircraft encountered technical problems. This was the beginning of an eerie four-hour Madrid-Madrid flight for the 128 passengers and eight crew on board.  ...

Ruta Burbaite

World’s largest jet engine is getting ready to power Boeing 777X

The debut of the biggest turbine engine in the world installed on the largest plane Boeing ever built is closer than you might think. Reports indicate the airframer has finally paired the gigantic GE9X engine with its highly anticipated 777X jet, the latest version of the long-haul wide-body 777 airliner. The flight test plane is set to roll out next month showcasing its massive power plant....

Russian Aviadvigatel PD-14 engine to power MC-21 aerotime aviation news
AeroTime Team

Introducing Aviadvigatel PD-14: engine to power MC-21

The Irkutsk Aviation Plant has completed assembly of a new MC-21-300 aircraft fuselage. While the fuselage is the fifth already and three prototypes are already in flight testing, what is special about this particular prototype is the fact that it would be the first one equipped with a new type of engines. This time, the engine would be made in Russia.  ...

Pratt & Whitney delivers 100th GTF engine in China
AeroTime Team

Pratt & Whitney delivers 100th GTF engine in China

Sichuan Airlines took delivery of an Airbus A321neo. The aircraft is powered by Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan (GTF) engines, making it the 100th GTF-powered Airbus A320 family plane in China....

Merve Kara

Norwegian Boeing 787 engine fragments rain down on cars, houses

Updated on August 13, 2019. To include comment from the victim. Engine fragments of a Norwegian Boeing 787 fell from the sky shortly after takeoff from  Fiumicino airport in Rome, Italy, damaging houses, roofs, and cars. One person was injured in the incident....