Archer Aviation aircraft disrupts electric flying taxi market

Archer Aviation

The California-based aerospace company Archer Aviation has unveiled its first electric flying taxi – another competitor in the expanding electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft market.

Archer Aviation presented “Maker”- its first demonstrator electric piloted four-passenger aircraft. The manufacturer announced that the new air vehicle will be capable of flying up to a 60-mile range reaching a cruising speed of 1,500 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the innovative ergonomic design of the vehicle with wrap-around windows will also allow its customers to experience a comfortable journey with ample leg space and a 270-degree view. The aircraft will also be equipped with large 13-inch touch-screen interface displays to provide flight information updates and entertain the passengers.

The company expects that the Tesla-styled aircraft will “shape the next era of travel by transforming how people approach everyday life, work, and adventure” and help to decarbonize the aviation industry since it will be powered by chargeable batteries. 

“Maker’s unveil has been years in the making and marks a pivotal juncture for the eVTOL industry and future of transportation,” Brett Adcock, the co-founder, and co-CEO of Archer was quoted saying in the company‘s statement. “Every day at Archer, we’re working to build the future, and we have never felt closer than when we did introduce the world to Maker.“ 

Archer Aviation plans to launch the electric aircraft in 2024 for initial services in Los Angeles and Miami, the United States after the vehicle will get certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. However, the time of regulatory approval for such electric taxi aircraft still remains uncertain. 

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