Southwest Airlines to reward staff who are vaccinated against COVID-19

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In an effort to encourage its staff to get vaccinated, Southwest Airlines (LUV) introduced new incentives for employees who can show proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Through a company memo, the airline said that staff who can upload their proof of vaccination by November 15, 2021 will get 16 hours of pay. Pilots and flight attendants on the other hand, will receive pay for 13 trip segments. 

“If you have not been vaccinated and choose to do so, this timeline gives you enough time to receive both rounds of a two-series vaccine or the single-dose vaccine,” the company memo said.

Southwest Airlines (LUV) also said that the company’s quarantine pay protection for COVID-19 infections will now be exclusively for fully vaccinated staff. Those who are unvaccinated and get infected by COVID-19 can use their own sick leave. 

Other carriers have carried out similar measures to encourage employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Alaska Airlines is giving out a $200 bonus scheme to fully-vaccinated staff. Delta Air Lines have imposed monthly charges to unvaccinated employees. And United Airlines have decided to put on unpaid leave employees who sought vaccine exemption due to religious beliefs.

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