Recently bankrupt Hainan Airlines parent company HNA Group will reportedly receive $5.9 billion in strategic investment after its restructuring. 

The eleven HNA Group’s subsidiaries will be granted the strategic investment. Out of 38 billion yuan ($5.9 billion), 25 billion yuan ($3.9 billion) will go to its flagship carrier Hainan Airlines, the insider sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on September 27, 2021. 

HNA Aviation owns a stake in numerous Chinese carriers, including Hainan Airlines – the fourth largest airline in the country, as well as Grand China Air, and others. HNA Airport Group, a subgroup of HNA Holdings, operates 16 airports in China.

In January 2021, HNA Group applied for bankruptcy and reorganization after a long period of financial struggles. 

Chinese conglomerate HNA Group says it found strategic investors willing to finance its state-run reorganization.