Airbus hands over first-ever ACJ TwoTwenty to Comlux


Airbus has handed over its first-ever ACJ TwoTwenty business jet to private aviation company Comlux where it will undergo VVIP cabin outfitting.  

Comlux will begin outfitting the aircraft for the VVIP cabin completion at its facility in Indianapolis, the United States. The owner of the first-ever TwoTwenty business jet, Kabir Mulchandani, founder and CEO of FIVE Holdings, is expected to receive the aircraft in early 2023.  

Comlux is the exclusive outfitting partner for the TwoTwenty. The Indianapolis-based company will work on the first 15 TwoTwentys, delivering the aircraft to customers or using them for charter. 

Airbus TwoTwenty is the latest aircraft in the line of Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ). It is based on the successful A220 airliner, originally designed as Bombardier CSeries. 

The business version of the A220 aircraft is powered by Pratt&Whitney GFT engines. In comparison with the regular passenger version of the A220, the TwoTwenty sports a heavily increased range of 5,650 nautical miles (10,464 kilometers), greater cruise altitude and an assortment of interiors, including options for conference rooms, lounges and bedrooms.  

“We are thrilled to receive the first GTF-powered ACJ TwoTwenty corporate jet,” said Daron Dryer, chief executive officer at Comlux Completion. “GTF engines have set new standards for high fuel efficiency, low emissions and low noise. For our customers this will mean an exceptional passenger experience: bigger cabin, longer range and quiet operation – all with the lightest possible environmental footprint.” 

The aircraft can carry up to 18 passengers and is the smallest Airbus corporate jet. However, it is much larger than models offered by the majority of business jet manufacturers, such as Embraer, Dassault, Bombardier, Cessna or Gulfstream. 

According to Airbus data, more than 210 ACJ corporate jets are in service worldwide.  

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