Airbus A380 to be converted into a luxury hotel

Groupe DUVAL &FredericDELEUZE

Former Airbus engineer, Frédéric Deleuze plans to convert an Airbus A380 aircraft, initially intended for dismantling, into a luxury hotel. The hotel will be located in the northern part of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (TLS). 

The future hotel will have 31 rooms, including two suites. Located in the fuselage, three room types will be on offer: standard rooms for two people, deluxe rooms for three or four guests, and suites.  

One of the suite rooms will be fitted in the A380 cockpit and the other will be at the rear of the plane across two floors connected by the original staircase. 

A 60-seat restaurant with a terrace offering a view of the largest passenger jet will also be a part of the hotel complex.

Frédéric Deleuze, who worked as an engineer at Airbus for 15 years, came up with the idea of upcycling the Airbus A380 into a hotel when he learned that some retired Airbus A380s are being scrapped.  

Several iconic aircraft have been saved from aircraft boneyard storage. In 2020, British Airways announced that it was transforming its last Boeing 747 aircraft into a cinema and educational facility for students. In 2021, Emirates recycled its retired Airbus A380 into aviation collectibles.  


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