American cargo carrier Western Global Airlines buys two Boeing 777 freighters

Florida-based Western Global Airlines and Boeing have announced on February 16, 2022 a firm order for two 777 freighters.

The order serves as the first new-production freighters for Western Global, which currently has an all-Boeing fleet. 

At the moment, the 777 Freighter is the largest, longest-range and most capable twin-engine freighter currently flying, with the lowest trip cost and highest reliability of any large freighter. With a range of 4,970 nautical miles (9,200 kilometers), the 777 Freighter can carry a maximum structural payload of 107 metric tons (235,900 pounds), while reducing fuel use and CO2 emissions compared to prior airplanes.

Boeing has forecast that the global freighter fleet will grow by 70% in the next 20 years, with freight carriers such as Western Global supporting a rapidly expanding global e-commerce business and evolving supply chains.

Western Global Airlines currently owns and operates a fleet of 21 747-400 and MD-11 Freighters, providing contracted turn-key transport services around the globe for a variety of blue-chip logistics companies, e-commerce platforms, and US Department of Defense.

“Western Global is pleased to acquire new-build 777 Freighter aircraft.  As the world’s fastest growing cargo airline, we have determined that augmenting our existing fleet with new 777 Freighters will enable us to best serve our customers while providing a clear path to our future fleet plans,” Western Global Airlines CEO and founder Jim Neff said in a statement. 

“The addition of 777 Freighters will enable Western Global to continue its growth, providing increased capability and flexibility to its operations,” Boeing senior VP of commercial sales and marketing Ihssane Mounir said.  

“These new freighters will complement its existing all-Boeing fleet and we are committed to deepening the partnership between our companies, which has existed since Western Global’s inception.”


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