Delta passenger kicked off flight for political clothing to sue airline

Cassiohabib /

A man was removed from a Delta Air Lines flight for allegedly violating the airline’s clothing policy.

The passenger, who identified himself as Jauneil Brooks, was able to capture almost the entire incident via his smartphone and uploaded it to TikTok.

In the uploaded footage, an airline staff member can be seen explaining to Brooks that the sweatshirt he was wearing violates Delta Air Lines policy. Brooks then requested to be shown a document outlining the policy. The staff member explained that it would be time-consuming and requested that Brooks either remove the sweatshirt or face being removed from the flight. 

The next clip shows Brooks complying and taking off the sweatshirt. However, he was still taken off the flight for refusing to wear a mask.

Social media channel ‘Libs of TikTok’, which shared Brooks’ video, appeared to have contacted Delta Air Lines to ask about the carrier’s clothing policy. However, in an online exchange an airline representative advised that no such policy exists.

Brooks advised US media that he will be suing Delta over the incident.

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