Russian-French company PowerJet stops Sukhoi Superjet 100 engine service

PowerJet, the only manufacturer of engines for the Russian regional airliner Sukhoi Superjet 100, terminated its engine maintenance and repair services following the international sanctions against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine. 

PowerJet, a joint venture company between Russian engine manufacturer NPO Saturn and French aerospace engine producer Safran, notified its Russia-based partners of the suspension of the contract that includes the supply of spare parts for SaM146 as well as technical support for said engines, Russian media reported on March 30, 2022.  

The SaM146 turbofan engine is the only engine option to power the Superjet 100 (SSJ100) planes. In the joint venture, NPO Saturn is responsible for the manufacturing process of the engine’s fan and low-pressure turbine as well as the general assembly and its installation on the SSJ100. 

Meanwhile, the French side is responsible for the production of the engine’s high-pressure compressor, the combustion chamber, and the high-pressure turbine.  

The lack of spare engine parts after PowerJet leaves Russia, could negatively affect the operation of the aircraft across the country. 

To prevent disruptions, the Ministry of Industry and Trade reportedly proposed an idea to legalize the transfer of foreign companies’ property to Russia-registered enterprises. The move could ensure that the property of foreign companies, that terminated their business in Russia due to the international sanctions, would be temporarily managed by Russian entities and resources such as spare parts for SaM146 engines could be seized to secure the maintenance of SSJ100 jets. 

Following the war in Ukraine, Boeing and Airbus both suspended support for aircraft operated by Russian airlines, namely halting parts provision, maintenance, and technical support services. Consequently, the indigenous Superjet became one of the only modern aircraft that Russian airlines can sustainably continue to operate.   

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