Eve partners with Porsche Consulting to define global eVTOL strategy

Eve Holding

Eve Holding, an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solutions provider and subsidiary of Embraer SA, announced a partnership with Porsche Consulting to help define the eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) supply chain, global manufacturing and logistics macro strategy. 

The two companies will combine their aeronautic and automotive expertise to support Eve’s implementation plan, Eve said in a statement, published on May 31, 2022.  

Through a “master services agreement” the two companies will share their expertise and knowledge bases, which includes research and studies on industrial operation, logistics, supply chain and parts distribution. 

According to the statement, “the study will address scalability and distributed production as the UAM market evolves to meet projected demand”. 

CEO of Porsche Consulting, Rudy Leutz said: “We share the same values, and with industry-leading know-how, we will be able to question and challenge all existing concepts for logistics and manufacturing. We will redesign the industrialization concept for that new aircraft based on the highest levels of efficiency, quality, safety and customer centricity!”  

“We are pleased to work with a leader in the industry that can support us with strategic decision making. The UAM ecosystem is quickly evolving, and we can only achieve our goal if we spark enthusiasm for new ideas in manufacturing and supply chain areas,” Co-CEO of Eve, Andre Stein said.  

The UAM “addressable market” is an estimated $760 billion industry said Stein in a previous statement released in early May 2022.  

Despite rapid growth within the UAM ecosystem, Stein highlighted that Eve will not rush to launch its flying taxi. During a press event on May 31, 2022, Stein emphasized that the company is prioritizing heading in the “right direction” over rushing to preview a prototype to investors, according to a Reuters report published on June 1, 2022.  

“We are not rushing to be the first to fly; we are not rushing to be the first to enter the market. We are doing it right,” Stein was quoted as saying by Reuters.  

Eve is estimated to launch its eVTOL by 2026. 

According to Co-CEO Jerry Demuro, the company has launch orders for around 1,825 vehicles “secured via non-binding letters of intent from 19 customers” and “consists of industry leaders who also invested in Eve, including Azorra Aviation, Falko Regional Aircraft, Republic Airways and SkyWest (SKYW)”. 

Eve Holding, formerly known as Zanite Acquisition Corp, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) on May 10, 2022, following the completion of its “business combination” with Eve UAM. 

The company raised $377 million in its NYSE debut. 

Stein said that Eve’s current cash burn rate would allow operations for a “good set of years” before it would need to raise more money, according to the Reuters report.  

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