Air Canada CEO says disruptions ‘unavoidable’ as airline trims summer schedule

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Air Canada (ADH2) has announced that it will be making “meaningful reductions” to its flight schedule in July and August 2022 in response to operational issues caused by the rapid and unprecedented demand for air travel.  

“Things are not business as usual in our industry globally,” Michael Rousseau, president and chief executive officer, Air Canada (ADH2) said in a statement addressed to the airline’s Aeroplan Members [the airline’s customers].  

Rousseau laments the operational challenges currently faced by the airline because of disruptions caused by the “industry’s complex and unavoidable challenges” and an unparalleled resurgence in travel demand as “people are returning to flying at a rate never seen in our industry”. 

“In response, we took a number of important steps, including introducing flexible ticket policies, new travel self-management tools, improvements to airport operations, as well adjustments to our schedule all to strengthen operational resiliency and to give customers more options,” said Rousseau. “However, to bring about the level of operational stability we need, with reluctance, we are now making meaningful reductions to our schedule in July and August in order to reduce passenger volumes and flows to a level we believe the air transport system can accommodate.” 

According to the Financial Post, it is estimated that Air Canada (ADH2) will cut more than 15% of its scheduled flights in July and August 2022.  

Up to 154 flights per day could be dropped from the airline’s schedule, the Financial Post added.  

“This surge in travel has created unprecedented and unforeseen strains on all aspects of the global aviation system,” Rousseau said in the statement. “Around the world, there are recurring incidents of flight delays and airport congestion, resulting from a complex array of persistent factors impacting airlines and our partners in the aviation ecosystem.” 

Prior to the schedule reduction, Air Canada (ADH2) was operating around 1,000 flights per day, said Peter Fitzpatrick, a spokesperson for the airline, in a recent CBC report. 

“This was not an easy decision, as it will result in additional flight cancellations that will have a negative impact on some customers. But doing this in advance allows affected customers to take time to make other arrangements in an orderly manner, rather than have their travel disrupted shortly before or during their journey, with few alternatives available,” Rousseau added. 

AeroTime contacted Air Canada (ADH2) for a comment but has not received a response. 


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