Luxury travel: Boeing shows off 737 business jet with the help of John Travolta

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How best to try and capture buyers for your private jet? US manufacturer Boeing called on none other than Hollywood star and pilot John Travolta to show off its Boeing Business Jet.  

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is not your regular small private jet. Based on the 737 commercial airliners, it provides customers with more space and luxury, with prices ranging up to several hundred million dollars.   

“This aircraft here is like a large apartment inside,” Travolta says in the promotional video posted by Boeing. Travolta knows his Boeing aircraft. He has flown the Boeing 707, 737 and the original jumbo jet and Queen of the Skies, the 747.  

What does the BBJ offer? 

Built in 2010, the Boeing 737 Business Jet on display at NBAA, registered YG128, features two CFM56-7B27 engines. The engines also power two other Boeing 737 family planes, including the Boeing 737-800 and its longer version the 737-900. 

The executive plane is also equipped with two Split Scimitar Winglets, which are designed to increase fuel efficiency by reducing drag. 

According to reports, Boeing plans to lease out the jet from 2024. Travolta highlighted in the video that it can fly for 13 hours non-stop.    

The interior boasts plenty of space for lounge seating, dining and sleeping. 

Let the film star take you on a short tour of the BBJ.  

What does BBJ family consist of? 

The Boeing Business Jets MAX family consists of the BBJ MAX 8, BBJ MAX 9, and BBJ MAX 7 aircraft. Unveiled in 2016, the MAX 7 aircraft is the newest variant in the family. By size, the MAX 9 is the largest business jet in the MAX family with a fuselage length of 42.1 meters (138.1 feet). The jet is closely followed by the medium-sized MAX 8, which reaches 39.5 meters (129.7 feet) in length.  

But, when it comes to range, the BBJ MAX 7 takes the lead and is capable of flying 12,960 kilometers (7,000 nm). In comparison, the BBJ MAX 8 can fly up to 11,710 kilometers (6,325 nm), and the BBJ MAX 9 has a range of 11,710 kilometers (6,325 nm). 

In 2021, list prices for the family of BBJ MAX jets started at $91.2 million for the MAX7, around $99 million for the MAX8, and approximately $107.9 million for the family’s largest jet, the MAX9. 


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