Singapore Airlines blacklists passenger who was unruly in 2 consecutive flights

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A passenger who was unruly and disruptive on two connecting flights has been blacklisted by Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY).

The passenger was on board SQ711 from Bangkok to Singapore on November 8, 2022, when he became disruptive during the flight’s meal service. 

After his numerous requests for alcohol were denied by the crew, the passenger began harassing a male member of the cabin crew, and at one point mimicked his accent.

A video of the man being unruly and hurling vulgarities at the cabin crew member was uploaded to social media. 

When the flight landed at Singapore Changi’s International Airport, the passenger was handed over to the auxiliary police, who then issued him with a verbal warning.

A SIA spokesperson told The Straits Times that the passenger had appeared calm and agreed to behave for connecting flight SQ352, which was scheduled to depart from Singapore for Copenhagen. The passenger was then permitted to continue with his flight.

However, the passenger continued to be disruptive, and went on to physically assault a cabin crew member on the connecting flight, the spokesperson said. 

“However, our cabin crew managed to calm the passenger down eventually,” the spokesperson added.

“Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) takes the well-being of our staff and customers seriously. We will take appropriate action against any passenger who may risk the safety of our staff and customers,” the spokesperson concluded.

Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) has decided to blacklist the passenger from all its flights.


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