ERC System Co-founder and CEO discusses new eVTOL for emergency services 

ERC System
ERC System

On July 4, 2024, ERC System, a German advanced air mobility startup that until this month had operated in stealth mode, unveiled an eVTOL aircraft designed specifically for the emergencies market. 

This aircraft has a 450 kg payload and boasts a number of features that are optimized for its use by emergency services operators. For example, it includes a high wing configuration and a large rear door to facilitate the loading and unloading of casualties. Its 5.2 m³ cabin is also designed to provide space for doctors and caregivers. 

Founded in 2019, ERC Systems is clear about its market positioning, claiming that the aircraft is much faster than an ambulance and, at the same time, considerably cheaper to operate than a conventional helicopter. 

On July 11, 2024, David Löbl, Co-founder and CEO of ERC System, shared more details with AeroTime about the eVTOL project which, until recently, has been little-known.  

Löbl, who, before co-founding ERC System was one of the first members of Autoflight’s European team, explained how feedback received from the emergency services and medical community play a major role in defining the ERC System value proposition. 

For now, ERC System expects its aircraft to focus on the inter-hospital patient transportation segment, which in countries like the United States accounts for the majority of medicalized air journeys, Löbl explained.  

“This is a huge market with a very clear use case and realistic demand,” he added. 

The Munich-based company, which has already built two full-scale demonstrators, the first of which has already conducted test flights, is targeting 2029 for entry into service. 

In the meantime, the startup is working with a number of industrial partners, which remain confidential, on an industrial plan. ERC System expects to set up a final assembly line in the Munich area, where it is currently located. 

ERC System has also partnered with two organizations helping to shape its concept of operations. One of which is DRF Luftrettung, a large operator of emergency services in Germany. The other is a regional administration in Bavaria in southern Germany, which will facilitate the practical testing of inter-hospital testing. 

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