Air France-KLM generates over $75B per year for French and Dutch economies 

Air France-KLM
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A new study commissioned by the Air France-KLM Group has revealed the eye-watering sums of money that the company feeds into the French and Dutch economies.  

In Air France-KLM’s 20 anniversary year the company felt it was a good time to “quantify and analyze the socio-economic benefits generated by its activity in France and the Netherlands” through an impact study.  

Carried out by Professor Herbert Castéran from the Institut Mines Télécom Business School, the study covers Air France-KLM’s three core businesses: passenger transport, cargo, and aircraft maintenance. 

According to the study, Air France-KLM generates 1.9% of French Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 2.3% of Dutch GDP, generating €70 billion ($75B) per year for the two economies combined.  

And in addition, Air France-KLM supports an estimated 552,570 jobs in France and 267,996 jobs in the Netherlands either directly or indirectly. 

The study summarizes that for every euro invested, Air France-KLM generates €3.6 ($3.8) in the French economy, and €3.4 ($3.6) in the Dutch economy. 

Expanding on job creation, the study highlights that each direct job created by Air France-KLM generates 11 additional jobs in France and 9.2 additional jobs in the Netherlands. 

Interestingly the study also found that Air France-KLM’s activity benefits every single French region, without exception. 

From buying over 2.4 million bottles of wine in 2023 from the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Grand Est region to placing an order for more than 230 aircraft from Airbus, Air France-KLM is a super-wealth creator.  

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