Airbus releases its first original free-to-view docuseries, A330neo evolution

Airbus A330neo
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Airbus has stepped into the filmmaking world with the release of its first-ever original documentary series, the planemaker announced this week. 

Entitled the ‘A330neo: The Heir Apparent’, the mini docuseries focuses on the evolution of Airbus’ A330neo, the successor to the highly popular A330ceo. 

The A330neo aircraft variant has not reached the dizzy heights of its predecessors, the A330-200 and A330-300, but Airbus clearly felt it was a story worth telling.  

“The series will focus on the dedication, fervour and commitment of the teams entrusted with the development of this game-changing aircraft, as well as the trust and confidence displayed by the customers who have chosen it,” Airbus said in a statement announcing the launch. 

The docuseries is free to view through the Airbus website, with the first season looking at the work of engineers, test pilots and designers at both the planemaker and British engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce.  

The first episode, ‘Flying the Nest’, introduces viewers to Vincent Lebas, the Head of A330neo Overall Aircraft Design at Airbus, who provides invaluable insights into the plane’s development.  

In the opening episode, Lebas explains how a double-digit reduction in fuel burn was the driving force behind the design of the aircraft, with particular regard to the aerodynamic efficiency of the new wing and wing/engine integration. 

Additional episodes will explore the A330neo’s updated cockpit and systems, Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines and the Airspace cabin. 

Spread over four episodes, the first season will also feature Chief Test Pilot Malcolm Ridley, Rolls-Royce’s Trent 7000 Chief Engineer Paul Sixsmith and Jochen Werner, Airbus’ VP Industrial Cabin Design.  

A second season, which is already in the pipeline, will focus on A330neo customers, their thoughts on purchasing the aircraft variant and how it operates daily. 

Although Airbus has not confirmed which customer airlines will beinvolved in the docuseries, some of the A330neo existing operators include Delta Air Lines and Cebu Pacific, and lessor ALC.  

As of May 2024, a total of 319 A330neo family aircraft had been ordered by more than 25 customers, of which 131 aircraft had been delivered. 

Together, the A330-200 and A330-300 accumulated 1,445 orders before being replaced by the improved New Engine Option series.   

In June 2024, it was understood that Airbus had opened talks with several Chinese airlines regarding the potential sale of more than 100 A330neo widebody aircraft. 

You can watch episode one of ‘A330neo: The Heir Apparent’ on the Airbus website.

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