Airline introduces adults-only zones on long haul flights to Curacao

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If you’ve ever dreamed of flying a long-haul flight in peace, you should be able to do so by November 2023. 

Netherlands-based Corendon Airlines is to launch an adults-only zone on their Airbus A350 aircraft on flights from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport (AMS) to Curacao International Airport (CUR).

This will make Corendon the first Dutch airline to introduce child-free or adults-only zones in flights.

The adults-only zone will consist of 93 standard seats and nine XL seats with extra legroom.

The zone will be physically partitioned from the rest of the cabin by walls and curtains. 

A seat reservation in the adult only zone will cost € 45 per single journey and an XL seat in the zone will cost €100 each way. Only passengers aged 16 and above will be able to access the zone.

While the zone is aimed at people who want child-free travel or to be able to work uninterrupted while flying, it could also help any parents traveling, easing them of any anxiety about their unsettled children affecting fellow passengers.

Over recent months, travelers being agitated by crying babies has been a sore point, with some instances causing flight diversions.

In April 2023, a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) had to be diverted in order to remove a man who had lost his cool over a baby crying on the flight.

According to witnesses, the baby had been crying for 40 minutes on the flight when the man also started yelling and screaming, ranting about the baby’s incessant crying.

When flight attendants requested for him to stop yelling, he shrieked, “So is the baby!”

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