American Airlines flight delayed for three hours over imaginary passenger

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Move over, unruly passengers. It appears that even an imaginary passenger can cause flight delays and disruptions.

An American Airlines flight departing from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) was delayed for three hours after one of the flight’s passengers demanded to get off the aircraft due to a fellow passenger who was “not real”. 

A passenger on the flight filmed the incident, where a visibly distressed woman marched to the front of the aircraft and started ranting about someone “back there” who was “not real”. 

The video was originally posted on social media platform TikTok by user @texaskansasnnn. The clip has since been taken down but several social media outlets have reposted it. 

The woman claims that she is getting off the flight because someone on the flight (presumably a passenger), was not real, and warned that those who remain on the plane can “die with him or not.”

“I don’t give two f****, but I am telling you right now – that m*****f***** back there is NOT real. And you can sit on this plane and you can die with him or not. I’m not going to,” the woman said before storming off from the video clip’s view.

According to the original poster, passengers were forced to deplane after the bizarre scenario, and the woman was not arrested, and was allowed “back through security”, which possibly meant that she was able to get on a later flight.

The video, which was posted on the evening of July 2, 2023, has since garnered plenty of mixed reactions. 

Some speculate that the woman was on medication, under the influence, or undergoing psychosis. 

Others said that the woman might have the “sixth sense” and is able to see dead people, saying that they would also join her in getting off the plane if it was haunted. 

AeroTime has reached out to American Airlines for a comment. 

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