Another coolant leak on a Russian spacecraft docked to ISS

Progress 82 docked to the ISS

NASA confirmed that coolant leak occurred at a Russian spacecraft, currently docked to International Space Station (ISS). 

The spacecraft was identified as Progress 82, a cargo ship which arrived to the ISS in October 2022. 

“The reason for the loss of coolant in the Progress 82 spacecraft is being investigated. The hatches between the Progress 82 and the station are open, and temperatures and pressures aboard the station are all normal,” NASA’s press release explains.  

“The crew, which was informed of the cooling loop leak, is in no danger and continuing with normal space station operations,” the release continued. 

The ISS crew, consisting of NASA astronauts and Russian cosmonauts, is investigating the incident. 

This is the second coolant leak at a Russian spacecraft in two months. The previous leak, detected on a Soyuz spacecraft, occurred in mid-December 2022. 

The leak led to the cancelation of a scheduled spacewalk and prompted Russian space agency Roscosmos and NASA to develop plans to evacuate the ISS. 

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