Kristina Kirkliauskaite
Bright dawn of commercial space industry

Space is infinite and endless. Over the years, scientists and space-technology geeks have been trying to make the way to space more open for not only astronauts.   ...

Kristina Kirkliauskaite
5 skyrocketing space startups to watch in 2020

If every startup domain presents bright-minded and unique tech solutions to the business industry, one sector truly stands out as being out of this world: it is the domain of space startups. This field truly brings high-level technological ideas that skyrocket the business ecosystem. Satellites that collect data about the earth and beyond, 3D printed rockets, and AI-powered geospace technologies. It is not phrases from movies about the future, it...

SpaceX photo Starship Mk1 prototype aerotime news
AeroTime Extra
SpaceX Starship Mk1 explodes during testing

The first full-scale prototype of SpaceX Starship, the Starship Mk1, has experienced a failure during pressure systems testing on November 20, 2019. ...

Ruta Burbaite
NASA takes delivery of its first all-electric X-plane

These days NASA is not only preoccupied with the research and development of spacecraft – the agency is set on exploring electric propulsion technology for general aviation aircraft. NASA recently received its first all-electric X-plane: known as X-57 Maxwell Mod II, it is the agency’s first all-electric experimental aircraft and the first crewed X-plane in two decades. With the X-57, NASA aims to set industry standards for the growin...

AeroTime Team
Official: U.S. establishes Space Command [Video]

The United States Department of Defense officially announced the establishment of U.S. Space Command on August 29, 2019. Space Command is the country’s 11th unified combatant command. It is singularly focused on the space domain....

Merve Kara
Exploring the future of space with Charlie Camarda from NASA

Charlie Camarda is an American engineer and  NASA astronaut who was part of the first mission into space after the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003.      ...

Merve Kara
Airbus prepares for long journey to Jupiter

Airbus Defence and Space declares completing the first step in the Jupiter mission....

Merve Kara
How CubeSats revolutionize scientific space research? [Interview]

The era of CubeSats is definitely in full swing. CubeSats ‒ tiny, versatile spacecraft ‒ are small satellites commonly used in low Earth orbit (LEO) for various applications, such as remote sensing and communications.   ...

AeroTime Team
Space Force gets seal of approval from U.S. President

The United States Space Force – a mysterious sixth arm of the country’s military – is beginning to take shape. The U.S. President has signed a directive laying the foundations for “a future military department for space,” as the document states....

Ruta Burbaite
Pentagon to review USAF certification of SpaceX launch vehicles

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy have fallen under scrutiny by the Pentagon, which has initiated a review of the certification of the launch vehicles by the U.S. Air Force. Elon Musk’s company had recently celebrated entering the military space launch market with its first national security space mission completed in December 2018....