Australian Navy helicopter takes evasive action during Chinese J-10 interception

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The Australian government has raised concerns with China following a recent incident involving an “unsafe and unprofessional” encounter between an Australian Navy helicopter and a People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) fighter. 

On May 4, 2024, the HMAS Hobart guided-missile destroyer was conducting routine operations in international waters within the Yellow Sea as part of Operation Argos, Australia’s contribution to enforcing United Nations Security Council sanctions against North Korea. 

HMAS Hobart (U.S. Navy photo)

During these operations, a Royal Australian Navy MH-60R Seahawk helicopter deployed from the HMAS Hobart was intercepted by a PLAAF J-10 fighter. 

“The PLA-AF aircraft released flares across the flight path of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) helicopter,” the Australian government claims. “This was an unsafe manoeuvre, which posed a risk to the aircraft and personnel.” 

No damage was caused to the MH-60R helicopter, and no injuries were reported. The Australian government issued a formal note of concern to China. 

On October 16, 2023, a similar incident occurred within the context of the same UN mission. At the time, a Lockheed CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force was monitoring transport vessels around North Korea when it was intercepted by two PLAAF fighters over the East China Sea. The latter conducted what the Canadian military described as “very aggressive” maneuvers. 

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