AVIC’s large AG600M seaplane completes cold weather tests in northern China 

Shutterstock // ID1974

China’s AG600M firefighting amphibious aircraft has completed cold weather testing, according to reports in Chinese media referring to an announcement made by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), the manufacturer of the aircraft. 

Reports state that the tests took place at Dongshan airport, near the city of Hailar, in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of northeastern China, near the border with Russia. Two AG600M aircraft were involved in the tests, which involved testing a whole array of systems and procedures in temperatures that could drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius. 

Once it enters service, the four-engined AVIC AG600M “Kunlong” turboprop aircraft will be the world’s largest seaplane in service. It first flew in December 2017, and is expected to enter service in 2025. 

AVIC is reportedly considering the development of versions of the AG600 for other uses, such as carrying passengers and cargo. 

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