First FAA-approved Boeing 737 MAX 10 certification flight test takes off: video

Boeing 737 MAX 10
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The first Boeing 737 MAX 10 certification flight test took off less than 24 hours after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorized the process to begin. 

Boeing confirmed on November 22, 2023, that the largest variant of its MAX aircraft had been cleared to commence certification flight testing, after an internal memo was made public.  

The memo from Boeing’s Vice President, Mike Fleming, described the FAA’s authorization as a “significant milestone” on the 737-10’s journey to enter passenger service. 

Boeing received clearance in the form of type inspection authorization, and it appears from its social post that the planemaker got to work almost immediately.  

The authorization from the FAA means that the agency’s pilots will be onboard the flight tests to gather critical flight data.   

“Ready for takeoff! Watch the 737-10 begin certification flight testing at Boeing Field in Seattle, less than 24 hours after the FAA authorized the flights to begin,” Boeing wrote on X (formally known as Twitter). 

Boeing hopes that the knowledge it has gained from the ongoing certification of the MAX 7, which is further along in the process, will help in the coming stages for the MAX 10.   

The MAX 10 is not expected to be certified until late 2024 and is not thought to enter service until 2025.   

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