Boeing 737 damaged after aircraft hits pack of dogs on runway during takeoff

Boliviana de Aviación Boeing 737-800
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A Boliviana de Aviación pilot has been praised by the carrier for maintaining control of an aircraft after it struck a pack of dogs on the runway during takeoff.  

The Boliviana de Aviación Boeing 737-800 was preparing to take off for La Paz El Alto International Airport (LPB) on March 26, 2026, when the unusual incident occurred. 

According to a statement from the Bolivian flag carrier, the Boeing 737 pilot was at a “critical moment” during takeoff when the aircraft struck the dogs.   

The aircraft, registered CP-3138, was due to land at Cochabamba Jorge Wilstermann Airport (CBB) but suffered damage to the landing gear and other parts of the plane.  

Local media reported that as many as 12 dogs made it onto the runway at the time of the collision, while witnesses on the plane said they were thrown forward in their seats as the aircraft braked hard. 

“We reiterate our highest commitment to the operational safety and well-being of all travelers,” Boliviana de Aviación said in a statement.  

Following the incident passengers were deplaned and the aircraft was towed away for the damage to be assessed.  

Six Boliviana de Aviación flights were subsequently delayed as the airline tried to resume services.  

“An evaluation will be carried out with the operational area to determine where these dogs could have entered and take corrective measures,” a representative of NAABOL (Bolivian Air Navigation and Airports) advised local media.  

No details about the condition of the dogs have been released. 

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