Boom unveils new structure suppliers for Overture supersonic airliner

Boom Supersonic

Boom announced its latest partnerships in the development of the Overture supersonic airliner at the Paris Air Show 2023.

In a briefing with the press, Boom CEO and Founder Blake Scholl revealed three new suppliers to provide structures for the Overture: the Spain-based companies Aernnova for the wing and Aciturri for the empennage, and the Italian manufacturer Leonardo for the fuselage and system integration.

“Overture will be an opportunity to provide our expertise in the design and development of aerostructures for the first sustainable supersonic aircraft,” Aernnova chief executive officer Ricardo Chocarro said. “Aernnova has extensive experience in designing composite aerostructures such as wings and empennage”

Boom highlighted the importance of Overture’s gull wings, shaped to reduce drag during supersonic flight.

(Credit: Boom Supersonic)

The manufacturer also announced that the first 40 Symphony engines meant for ground testing, flight testing, and certification, will be produced in partnership with Kratos’ Florida Turbines Technologies (FTT) at a facility in Jupiter, Florida.

Symphony is a two-spool, medium-bypass turbofan engine, with no afterburner. Scholl defined it as a “conventional turbofan architecture optimized for the needs of sustaining supersonic flight.”

Boom concluded by announcing deals with Dimensional Energy and Air Company to supply 10 million gallons (37 million liters) of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) per year.

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