Ruta Burbaite
Supersonic flight meets another challenge besides noise reduction

Three U.S. based startups racing to build a successor to the iconic Concorde face another major hurdle besides developing a low-boom jet that would meet noise restrictions for supersonic passenger flights over land, already being eased by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), strong support from the Trump administration. The problem is, flying faster than the speed of sound will result in a heavy carbon footprint. Supersonic jetliners will b...

Ruta Burbaite
Supersonic drama: Aerion changes partners from Lockheed to Boeing

It is becoming increasingly harder to keep up with all the latest developments in the industry-wide efforts to revive faster than the speed of sound air travel. Everyone wants to get hold of the lucrative market of future supersonic passenger flight: from plane makers, aerospace and defense companies to even national space agencies. Having recently made a “significant investment” in Aerion, Boeing is keen on bringing the AS2 supersoni...

AeroTime Team
Boom, Aerion & Spike head-to-head in supersonic jet race

Three upstart companies – Boom Supersonic, Aerion and Spike Aerospace – seem to be edging closer towards the reintroduction of supersonic flight for civilians. Firm believers in the commercial success of transoceanic routes, all three companies have received orders for their aircraft and hope to start delivering them in the mid-2020s....