Chemical gas leak at Kuala Lumpur Airport in Malaysia affects 39 people

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39 people have fallen sick due to a chemical gas leak at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) in Malaysia. 

The incident occurred on June 27, 2024 when the Selangor state fire department received an emergency call regarding a chemical leak at the Southern Support Zone Sepang Aircraft Engineering facility at around 11:23 local time.

The fire department dispatched its personnel along with a hazardous materials team, where the leaked gas was identified as methyl mercaptan, also known as Methanethiol.

Methanethiol is used as a gas odorant so that leaks can be easily recognized.

A police chief from KUL airport said the leak was traced to an abandoned skid tank which had been left unattended for nine years.

The aircraft engineering facility where the leak occurred is separate from the passenger terminal and the incident did not affect any passengers.

However, 39 people suffered from dizziness and nausea and were given medical care.

The incident did not disrupt any flight operations at the airport. 

Airport police said that necessary action will be carried out to seal the tank and give it proper disposal.

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