‘Chicago’ actors bring theater to the sky on 14-hour flight from Seoul to US

Garrett James / TikTok

How do you pass the time on a 14-hour flight? Some of us would take this time to catch up on reading, watching films, and even get a much-needed sleep. 

A group of theater actors decided to jazz up the in-flight entertainment by using business class seat amenities to act out a scene from a musical. 

‘Chicago’ is celebrating its 25th year with a world tour, and has just wrapped more than two months of shows in South Korea. 

After the cast had flown back to the United States, one of the cast members, Garrett Alan James, uploaded a clip of a mini show performed on the 14-hour flight.


When on a 14hr flight… we Chicago tour folk get a lil goofy… by we, I mean me. I am the next Velma Kelly. #allthatjazz #challange #musical #planes #funny #funnyvideos #theatre #theatrekid

♬ original sound – Garrett James

The 12-second video clip shows pans to a business class seat with a partition. While the partition automatically goes down, a mobile phone spotlight shines on James, who hams it up for the camera to the score of “All that Jazz”. 

The video now has over 1.7 million views, and has garnered positive and encouraging comments.

Many of the comments lamented why their flights were never “this fun”, while plenty complained that 12 seconds was too short, and demanded to see more.

Based on the aircraft seats and aircraft type, the clip appears to have been shot in the business class cabin of a Korean Air Boeing 747

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