DINOBUS – bringing sustainability to ground, handling one EV bus at a time


Across Europe’s airports, a significant shift towards more sustainable and efficient ground transportation is taking shape. The impetus for these initiatives are the European Commission’s ambitious target of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. With its innovative electric apron bus solution, DINOBUS is emerging as a key player in this shift towards the greening of airport operations. The initiative marks an important step toward reducing environmental impact and enhancing operational efficiency in airport transit.

With their light monocoque frames the buses are more agile, providing greater performance, but more importantly, they are lighter.  This energy efficiency is carried over to other parts of the bus’s design, with the lightweight design of the motors, batteries and interior and exterior trims helping to reduce overall weight. It is this operational and environmental excellence that DINOBUS brings to the table. Currently in successful operation at Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport and Warsaw Chopin Airport, the buses have received positive feedback for both their quiet operations and advanced safety features. Clients who have tested the buses out emphasize the quality of its braking and suspension systems, while highlighting its seamless power steering.

The positive feedback that the buses have so far garnered has been gladly received by Giedrius Lelevicius, the Business Development Manager at DINOBUS. As he explains “By emphasizing innovation, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility, DINOBUS is seeking to play a vital role in the ground handling industry’s journey towards a greener future. We believe in the technology under the hood of our buses, and that is why we are offering a bold 8-year battery warranty.”

This commitment to sustainability goes beyond the buses themselves. DINOBUS is adopting an integrated approach to sustainability by incorporating solar energy into its charging stations. This strategic decision supports not only the environmental goals of airports but also contributes to operational cost savings over time. By tapping into renewable energy sources, DINOBUS is showcasing the potential for airports to utilize their spaces more effectively, embracing solar technology as a key component of their energy solution.

As the presence of these distinctive buses on the tarmac of airports throughout Europe expands, the company has its eyes focused on continued development and innovation. It is to the end, that DINOBUS is actively engaging with new technologies and seeking partnerships to expand its electric bus offerings. The company’s commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability positions it as an important contributor to the evolution of airport ground transportation. 

As Tomas Puodziunas, Global Sales Manager of DINOBUS explains: “We are in the business of exploring opportunities for growth. With our strong innovation mindset, we’re committed to delivering solutions that meet the needs of a changing industry.”

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