Dog-centric airline BARK Air slapped with lawsuit days after inaugural flight


The world’s first dog-focused airline BARK Air took off on its inaugural flight on May 23, 2024. 

However, just days later, the airline is now facing a lawsuit filed by Westchester County due to an alleged violated county law.

BARK Air operates from Westchester Airport’s (HPN) airport terminal. According to the lawsuit, the terminal limits airlines from selling seats on aircraft with nine or fewer seats, and that larger aircraft must operate out of the airport’s commercial terminal.  

BARK Air operates its flights using a Gulfstream G5, which has 14 passenger seats.

Due to this technicality, the county filed an injunction against the airline, which may lead to BARK Air being dismissed from the airport or moved to its commercial terminal. If this happens, it will defeat BARK Air’s promise of private flight service to its customers and their pooches.

A spokesperson for BARK Air told USA Today that while the airline does not comment on litigation, it does not believe the lawsuit will impact its operations.

BARK Air currently offers one-way and round-trip flights between New York via Westchester County Airport and Los Angeles via Van Nuys Airport, as well as New York and London via Biggin Hill (BQH).

Unlike commercial airlines that allow pets on board with several requirements, BARK Air does not have any restrictions when it comes to size, weight, or breed of the dog.

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