Dubai Airport tells passengers to stay away after unprecedented flooding: video

Dubai international Airport
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Dubai Airport (DXB) is advising passengers to stay away from the international travel hub after unprecedented levels of rain struck the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on April 16, 2024.

After dozens of flights were diverted and canceled the situation on April 17, 2024, was not much improved with the Dubai flag-carrier Emirates suspending check-in for passengers for the remainder of the day.

Record levels of rain hit the region, with Dubai reportedly being soaked with more than 142 millimeters (5.59 inches) in 24 hours, according to the Associated Press.

Footage and photos of planes taxiing through rivers of rainfall at Dubai Airport were shared widely across social media with staff struggling to cope with the sheer amount of rainfall.

As well as at the airport, roads around Dubai leading to the airport were also flooded making it difficult for passengers to travel.

To make matters worse, weather forecasters were predicting that the treacherous conditions would continue into the early hours of April 17, 2024.

“We’re continuously working hard with our emergency response teams and service partners to restore normal operations as quickly as possible and provide support for guests,” a Dubai Airports spokesperson said. “Flights are delayed and some diverted with many airlines impacted by displaced crew. Recovery will take some time.”

The spokesperson added: “We are working hard to recover operations as quickly as possible in very challenging conditions.”

SpiceJet, Royal Jordanian and Royal Air Maroc all turned to social media to advise their customers that flights would be canceled or delayed due to the flooding in the UAE.

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