Emirates enhances partnership with Dilmah Tea to elevate passenger experience


If you are a tea person, this one’s for you. Emirates has announced that it is elevating its passengers’ tea experience onboard starting May 21, 2023, which also happens to be International Tea Day.

Emirates will also be continuing its exclusive partnership with renowned Sri Lankan company Dilmah Tea for a range of gourmet blends onboard and specialized tea training for cabin crew.

Emirates’ gourmet blends

Passengers can enjoy 12 different Dilmah tea blends onboard from the energy boosting Original Earl Grey, to a mellow and stomach-settling Pure Chamomile Flowers, healthy and antioxidant Sencha Green Extra Special to Turmeric, Coconut and Vanilla – a relaxing tea with anti-inflammatory properties, Natural Green Tea and Ceylon Black Tea – pure forms of tea, digestion-friendly Moroccan Mint, energizing Breakfast Tea, and the Emirates Signature Blend – an exclusive master-crafted tea composed of marigold, safflower, rose, and notes of almond and ginger to represent the flavors of the UAE.

Cabin Crew tea training

As part of their ongoing training, Emirates Cabin Crew receive a specialized tea learning experience from Dilmah, where they discover the sustainable origins of tea, are introduced to the unique flavors, learn how to brew the perfect cup, and further enhance flavor with an array of accouterments, from fresh mint, to honey and lemon. 

First Class passengers who wish to sweeten their tea are offered a locally produced honey by UAE brand April. They can enjoy their tea in a choice of Royal Doulton fine bone teacup or mug, while Business Class passengers are served tea in the Royal Doulton fine bone china mug. 

The quality of the water used to make the tea is also considered and regularly monitored, and Emirates ensures that the water tanks, equipment used for transportation and supply lines provide perfectly potable water, through regular disinfection, maintenance, and audits.

Cabin crew are also taught tea and food pairing, where key recommendations for passengers can include pairing seafood, soft cheeses and sushi with green tea, beef and game, sweet desserts, or hard cheeses with black tea, or combining floral teas such as Chamomile with dishes that have a citrus or tart flavor profile.

Tea consumption increase

Tea consumption worldwide has increased annually by 3.5% over the last decade, and is estimated to have amounted to around 6.4 million tons in 2021.

A healthily aging population and the steep rise in tea demand due to the rising income of elders are just one of the factors for this. 

Another reason for this is the decline of coffee consumption during the pandemic when most coffee shops closed down. 

With tea prices dropping, it is seen to outsell other beverages, including bottled coffee, in an economy that is slowing down.

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