Emirates Airbus A380 bomb threat stood down by cops at Manchester Airport: video

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A bomb threat made against an Emirates Airbus A380 has been stood down by police at Manchester Airport (MAN)  

On October 17, 2023, the UK airport was temporarily closed while Greater Manchester Police (GMP) isolated the superjumbo aircraft on the airfield.  

According to police officers they were made aware of an “email claiming there was a suspicious package on a flight” arriving from the United Arab Emirates. 

When flight EK19 landed at Manchester Airport at 7.22 pm local time, emergency vehicles surrounded the Airbus A380 so further assessment could be carried out. 

Later in the evening GMP confirmed that security checks were completed and that no suspicious items had been found on the flight.  

“At around 7.20pm this evening, Tuesday October 17, Greater Manchester Police were made aware of an email claiming there was a suspicious package on a flight. The aircraft had landed at Manchester Airport and was held for further assessment. Searches and security checks have been completed, and no suspicious items have so far been found,” GMP said in a statement. 

The spokesperson added: “Passengers have now disembarked the aircraft with extra officers on hand to answer any questions and offer visible reassurance. No arrests have been made at this stage.” 

Emirates also confirmed its flight to Manchester was subjected to additional security checks upon arrival following the bomb threat. 

An Emirates spokesperson said: “Emirates crew and ground teams co-operated fully with the authorities. After the local authorities cleared the aircraft, it proceeded to the gate where passengers disembarked as normal.” 

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