Delta regional Endeavor Air pilot issues mayday as fire breaks out in cockpit

Delta Connection Endeavor Air Bombardier CRJ-900
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An emergency aboard an Endeavor Air flight has come to light after a YouTube channel posted a recording between an air traffic controller and the pilot.   

According to the recording posted on ‘You can see ATC’, the Endeavor Air pilot issued a mayday call after a fire broke out in the cockpit shortly after the Bombardier CRJ-900LR passenger jet left Toronto Pearson Intenational Airport (YYZ) for John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York.  

As flight EDV4826 reached around 11,000 feet on February 3, 2024, the pilot suddenly declared an emergency on board the flight, indicating that there was an electrical fire in the cockpit.  

“MAYDAY- MAYDAY-MAYDAY, this is Endeavor 4826, declaring an emergency; just had a fire. An electrical fire up in the cockpit. Looks like it’s out currently. Requesting return back to Toronto immediately,” the Endeavor Air pilot can be heard stating.  

In the proceeding minutes, the pilot and air traffic control continue talking as the aircraft, registered N320PQ, is given permission to reduce its altitude and initiate an emergency landing.   

The pilot confirms to the air traffic controller that there are 74 people on board the flight and the aircraft has around 9000 pounds of fuel remaining.   

“And it appears that the fire is out. We had a spark-up and flare-up on our windshield, it looks like. Fire does appear to be out. We should be able to exit the runway, but we’ll have fire trucks take us all the way to the gate,” the pilot can be heard later telling the air traffic controller. 

He adds: “Looks like the windshield heater sparked up.” 

The aircraft eventually landed safely back at YYZ where the pilot confirmed there were no injuries and that the fire broke out on the captain’s windshield side.  

After a check of the aircraft by waiting firefighters, the aircraft taxied to a gate and the passengers were deplaned.  

“The quick and collected actions of the Endeavor Air flight deck crew demonstrate how safety is ingrained in all that we do. We apologize to our customers for the delay in their travel plans on Feb. 3,” a spokesperson for the airline told Newsweek.  

The airline also confirmed that the aircraft’s windshield and windshield heating unit were later replaced, while the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) was notified of the incident. 

Endeavor Air is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines.

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