Etihad welcomes the start of Ramadan 2024 with special passenger offerings


Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways is marking the arrival of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan by enhancing its passenger experience both in the air and on the ground.  

Commencing March 10, 2024, and lasting until April 9, 2024, passengers across all cabin classes flying to certain Etihad destinations can expect a variety of amenities tailored to welcome them onboard during the holy month.

Specially curated Iftar meals and dedicated prayer facilities will be made available both in Etihad’s premium airport lounges and onboard its passenger flights.

“Ramadan holds a special place in our hearts, it’s a time to reflect and to spread kindness,” said Turky Al Hammadi, Head of Product and Hospitality, at Etihad Airways. “We are committed to sharing these Ramadan values across all touchpoints of our guests’ journey, starting from our lounges to onboard experiences.”

“For our Iftar menu this year, our culinary team has carefully crafted special Ramadan dishes that aim to evoke heartwarming traditions, blending traditional Emirati flavors with a modern twist. Our commitment to premium and sustainable ingredients is reflected in our choice of locally sourced suppliers, ensuring our guests enjoy high-quality, tasty dishes that also support the local economy and have a lesser impact on the environment,” he added.

“Our Iftar menu contains dishes like the lamb bukhari with smoked cardamom yogurt, pulled chicken machbous pinza with chaami cheese and pickled onion, and warm umm ali dessert and olive oil and date cake. Our menus are designed to ensure that our guests savor the richness of traditional Ramadan meals while also maintaining nutritional balance.”

Etihad Airways

Meanwhile, at the carrier’s airport lounges in Abu Dhabi, New York, Washington DC, and London Heathrow passengers will be able to indulge in traditional Ramadan refreshments such as laban, karkade, date milk, hydrating cucumber refresher, and rose milk.

Etihad passengers able to break their fast before they board can enjoy an iftar meal at Etihad lounges. From warm harira soup and lobster machbous ravioli to flavourful chicken biryani, guests can indulge in the rich flavors of Arabic cuisine. The dessert menu will feature authentic Ramadan treats with a modern twist such as Vimto cheesecake, rose and pistachio mahalabia, and rangeena.

In premium cabins, guests can try delicacies such as lentil soup with fried chaami cheese, lamb and date meatballs with saffron rice, and a warm umm ali dessert.

Passengers further back in economy class will enjoy Arabic mezze, braised lamb with vermicelli rice, fried onion, and almond and for the dessert, they will be served Vimto mousse with khabeesa. For those breaking their fast just before or after landing, Etihad will provide Iftar bags decorated with traditional Emirati artwork, containing Laban, water, and dates.

Dmitry Birin,

In terms of inflight entertainment, the airline’s signature E-BOX entertainment system will feature a selection of Ramadan programming and religious content, as well as an audio of the Holy Quran. The new Ramadan programs will include Rehlat Haya, which explores and promotes behaviors that lead to “happiness and stability from a different perspective,” according to the airline.

Etihad also provides dedicated prayer areas and real-time electronic Qibla pointers onboard its aircraft to allow guests to observe their religious practices while traveling.

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