FL Technics UAE boosts GCAA approval to L5

FL Technics

FL Technics, a globally recognized aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services provider, has recently expanded its commitment to quality and reliability by extending its General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) CAR 145 certification from L4 to L5. This strategic move fortifies FL Technics UAE’s standing as a premier provider of comprehensive aviation maintenance solutions in the Middle East region.

By undergoing a rigorous evaluation process and achieving maintenance approval with L5 in its GCAA CAR 145 certification, FL Technics UAE now extends its capabilities to encompass a broader scope of services. This includes authorization to perform aircraft modifications, ensuring that the company is well-equipped to address the evolving needs of airlines operating in the region.

In conjunction with the recent announcement of FL Technics being the first independent aircraft maintenance provider in the new Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal A, the extension of the GCAA CAR 145 certification positions FL Technics as a key player in offering more comprehensive and specialized maintenance solutions at the forefront of the market. This strategic move allows the company to provide tailored services that go beyond routine maintenance, meeting the diverse and evolving requirements of its clients in the United Arab Emirates and the broader Middle East.

Operating from Abu Dhabi Terminal A, FL Technics strategically positions itself as a hub for MRO services focused on narrow-body commercial aircraft in the region. The terminal’s central location and FL Technics’ expertise create a synergistic relationship, enhancing operational efficiency and contributing to the growth of the local aviation ecosystem.

Arif Alameri, Accountable Manager of FL Technics LLC UAE, comments: “In extending our GCAA CAR 145 certification with L5 maintenance solutions, FL Technics reaffirms its commitment to providing unparalleled maintenance solutions. This strategic move enables us to offer a broader spectrum of services, catering to the evolving needs of our clients. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety, quality, and regulatory compliance.”

Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technics Group, emphasizes the broader global vision regarding GCAA CAR 145 L5: “The achievement of L5 certification by FL Technics LLC UAE represents a significant milestone not only for our UAE operations but for the entire FL Technics Group. It reflects our constant growth and commitment to serve the needs of our clients worldwide. With L5 certification, we are poised to elevate our standards and expand our reach, delivering top-tier solutions to airlines globally and reinforcing our position as a trusted industry leader.”

FL Technics LLC UAE’s enhancement of the GCAA CAR 145 certification with L5 maintenance solutions marks a significant step forward in the company’s pursuit of excellence in aviation maintenance. This strategic move positions FL Technics UAE as a leading provider of comprehensive MRO services, further solidifying its commitment to delivering top-tier solutions to airlines operating in the United Arab Emirates and the broader Middle East.

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